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Indoor Croquet: Messe Zurich , 17th March 2012

The court set out on artificial grass

The Instructor

A guest having his first attemt at croquet

The Team at the Gardina Event night

Even indoors croquet brings fun and satisfaction

The CCZ add

Could be our next add!

All ready set to go

Lawns are read-what a view!

Who is next

I wonder if I am next to paly?

The 1st wicket

The wicket that starts the game (for some the fear!)

2nd wicket

The wicket for the brave!

Proud players!

Proud players displaying their christmas presents

5th wicket

The wicket that sends shivers down your spine

6th wicket

Do not assume you can win the game!

8th wicket

the wicket that all want to conquer!

9th wicket

Almost there but still a mile away from winning!


Who needs talents when we have ....

What your needs are

All that you need to play croquet, add your talents and you are a winner!

After the game

What a hard game that was!


some prefer the shade!

Hard round

That was a hard round-I made it!

Who do I kill next

Who is next?

The poster

Our 2008 (part) Team !

Mallet of the Year 2008

The coaches at work

Team work

Tension building up

equal rights?

Champion at work

How dare you miss!

Now who was next!

Auf the game!

The Team of teams!


Showing off again!

Three team members

Concentration wins the game

Who shall I kill next!

Observation talents

Master of Croquet

Taking tactics

Guest Player : Mum


The Croquet Club Of Zurich

Guest Player: Mike

Guest: Kate


Illigal coaching?

He thinks he gets mobbed! His excuse for loosing!

Final touches before kick off!

The mallet they all fear!

Our best mixed team!

What bribery can do!

Typical contents of a croquet bag!

Where are the balls?

Where are the hoops?

The 1st peg

After the tenth attempt, finally successful!

One beer & already dreaming!

Fabio, our favourite barman!

What one will do after a beer!

How to set the field straight!

Uto relaxing after a tough game

spectors are keen to learn the game

middle hoop

red blocking again

the starting wicket

the longest view

learning how to cheat

Player has disappeared!

What fun a win can bring!

Uto enjoying his birthday present

He did not even have time to open his present!

How could one escape the regulars!

All are enjyoing the 10th Outback Birthday party

Chopper & Hannibal

enjyoing the 10th Outback Birthday party

Talking security matters at

10th Outback Birthday party

The lead singer with glasses

entertaining all at the 10th Outback Birthday party

Dead Kangaroos Live

at the 10th Outback Birthday party

Anything to get attention

at the 10th Outback Birthday party

He sure does know how to be happy

at the 10th Outback Birthday party

The perfect family

Perfect positioning is a trademark!!

The lonely and the brave

Who’s shot is it?

The Brave and the Wicket!

"Once again, white is blocking the wicket! Damn it, he is perfectly positioned!"

Uto being Brave!

Uto and his famous banana shot

Precision shots

White over brown, through the hoop with a slight rebounder of the back post and onto to the red! Three extra shots!

Time for Tricky Shots

Uto diving over Mr Nice Guy, between the posts, gently touching green thus escaping the ferocious “Dead Meat”! Congratulations Uto!

The monumental start

Excising before the game!




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